VDA Productions Adds More Experiences to Experiential Marketing Summit Networking & Excursions Premier Sponsorship

Agency customizes excursions and networking dinner to create greater attendee engagement and lasting experiences March 30, 2017

VDA Productions was contracted by local talent to add greater engagement and excitement to their Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2017.

As a premier sponsor at EMS where marketers from all over the world come to participate and learn from experiential marketing giants such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Twitter, Ford and others, we needed to respond to the call and make sure that we provided the event experience our attendees have come to expect from an agency that treats all its clients like the world’s most recognizable brands.

It doesn’t take big budgets to create big impact!

The Chicago Architecture River Cruise excursion attendees at EMS, were greeted by TRUE Productions to take part in an excursion sizzle reel complete with drone footage of the tour and an aerial view of their participation. The professionally compiled and edited sizzle reel was a digital memento for the cruise attendees and was provided as a gift from VDA Productions.

The networking dinner at the iconic Café Bionda paired their culinary arts with an International award-winning magician, Mega Magic Mike D’urzo. Strolling magic, food and reserve wines captivated those attending the dinner.

The Skydeck at Willis Tower excursion was an experience best photographed and shared by VDA.  We enhanced attendees “Ledge” selfie with our custom thought bubbles to capture the spirit of the moment.

Creative engagements like these enhanced interaction and built lasting memories for the EMS attendees.

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