VDA Productions Launches Public Speaking & Appearances Webpage to Share Experiential Event Industry Expertise

Agency veterans make themselves available to all on a public calendar of events March 02, 2017

BOSTON, March 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — VDA Productions, the premier provider of 3D marketing experiences and design solutions that bring brands to life for Corporate Meetings, Tradeshows, Themed Events, Exhibits, Themed Retail Environments and Corporate Facilities, has launched a public speaking & appearances page on their website to facilitate agency veterans posting their public schedules.

While all the science points to the benefits of passing the “knowledge baton” from one generation to the next, it is also true that HR leaders recognize that knowledge sharing is an excellent way to ensure a steady supply of informed and knowledgeable employees. It can also reduce potential conflict at work by increasing understanding of work processes, past decision making, and corporate history.

“When you have been working within the events industry for as long as some of the people here at VDA, it comes as second-nature to pass along information and to mentor the industry recruits,” said Claire Kinzler, Director of Sales at VDA Productions. “VDA has always put great emphasis on educating younger generations for the benefit of the industry as a whole, and we are excited to share our passion- check out the calendar and let’s meet up and talk!”

To find out more about where and when you can join one of the industry experts at VDA, please visit http://www.vdaproductions.com/public-speaking/

For booking availability and scheduling information, please contact Meghan Welborn, Senior Director of Marketing at meghan@vdaproductions.com

About VDA Productions
VDA Productions brings visions and brands to life for Corporate Meetings, Tradeshows, Themed Events, Exhibits, Themed Retail Environments, and Corporate Facilities. The company has produced events on a national and global scale, and employs a full-time team of experienced professionals including executive staff, creative designers, account executives, producers and production managers, carpenters, welders, sculptors, painters, lighting directors and audio engineers. VDA provides clientele with virtually turnkey event management solutions integrating all logistical, production, fulfillment and management aspects, with most production needs being met fully in-house.

For more information, please visit www.VDAProductions.com

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